Media Training

Confidently deliver engaging and influential media interviews by learning techniques that give you control of the story. Whether broadcast, print, or radio, training sessions address the nuances specific to each format for both content and delivery. Sessions are conducted for individuals or groups allowing participants to demonstrate command of their skills with mock interviews that include real-time feedback.

Presentation Training

Make every presentation a welcomed opportunity to engage and motivate audiences by strengthening your public speaking abilities. This proven approach helps presenters identify themes, use personal anecdotes, and speak with an authentic voice that help create a connection with audiences. Sessions include reviewing, editing, and rehearsing current presentations or assisting to develop new compositions.

Message Development

Message development is more than making bullet points from a narrative; the process involves creating the most efficient and effective ways to convey critical information about an organization. The materials that come out of these sessions build the foundation for every interview, meeting, and presentation, allowing everyone to use their own voice to share a common message. Sessions are conducted with support from the communications team to identify objectives, content, and tone.


As a former news anchor with ABC News and MSNBC/NBC News, I have learned what works (and what doesn’t) to pull off a successful media interview or public speaking opportunity. From CEO’s to celebrities to political leaders, I have had my share of cringe-worthy interviews where it was obvious the person on the other side of the desk was not ready. And as my family likes to remind me, there are plenty of entertaining online clips that prove I wasn’t always on my A-game, either.

That is why my background allows me to help people avoid the mistakes I’ve seen (and made) so they can feel confident about sharing their own stories.

And having worked media relations for companies such as PepsiCo, Mastercard, IBM, Carvana and Pfizer, I know what happens on the ‘other’ side of the camera to find the best stories and land the big interviews. I have secured coverage of company announcements, executive profiles, and opinion editorials in every major print, broadcast, and online media outlet because I understand how to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the reporter.

Whether preparing for one-time announcements or ongoing initiatives, conference presentations or product launches, I help people find their voice and strengthen their story. The techniques I use are practical and show immediate results by empowering speakers with the skills to address any audience (even their families).

Guidance that will engage any audience, from the front pages to the conference room.